The Dead Seas: Nick Sea & Suzie Sea.

The married artists live in Louisville, KY where their Highlands studio is located.
Their collaboration paintings are emotionally driven and often depict darker subject matters via a pop-art surrealistic style.

Not limiting themselves to one medium, a variation of materials and techniques are implemented depending on the art piece. Gouache, oil, enamel, ink, spray paint and watercolor are used on recycled wood panels and handmade stretched canvases. Along with fluorescent acrylic that reacts to UV blacklight, glow in the dark powder pigment is mixed in the newer paintings.

Displaying artwork in galleries, restaurants, businesses and art shows the couple shares nearly 2 decades of professional experience. With an estimated 630 paintings sold across the United States. Mostly they specialize in large canvas paintings and murals around Louisville but also branch in digital artwork for t-shirts, stickers and album covers. 

If you are interested in viewing a complete gallery of previous work, or wanting to obtain artwork for your own collection, Suzie & Nick Sea have online profiles on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and TikTok, Reddit, Flicker and YouTube. 

They can also be reached via email:
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